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Annual exams for children help them stay healthy and can detect medical or developmental issues before they become serious. At Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, in Clarksville, Tennessee, pediatrician Gary Griffieth, MD, and his team offer annual exams for babies, children, teenagers, and young adults up to age 22. Schedule your child’s appointment at Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, by phone, or book online today.

Annual Exam Q & A

What is an annual exam?

An annual examination at Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, is a comprehensive physical exam in which Dr. Griffieth and his team evaluate your child’s growth, development, hearing, vision, and overall health and wellness. They also offer preventive medicine services to keep your child healthy and reduce their chance of developing an illness or disease.

What should I expect during an annual exam?

When your child arrives at Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, for a physical exam, friendly staff members greet them. Your child’s provider completes the following:

Vital signs check

The Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, team evaluates your child’s weight, height, growth, pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs. In babies, they also measure head circumference and length.

Medical history review

During a medical history review, Dr. Griffieth asks questions about your child’s diet, sleep habits, growth, development, social skills, lifestyle, medications they take, and more. 

Medical evaluation

The Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, team completes a developmental-behavioral evaluation and comprehensive physical examination. They check your child’s eyes, ears, throat, breathing, reflexes, and more, and ask questions about your child’s growth, development, and behavior.

Vision screening

During a vision screening, which your child can undergo as young as two years of age, Dr. Griffieth evaluates vision to determine if your child may need glasses or contact lenses.

Hearing test

The Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, team offers hearing tests to evaluate how effectively your child hears sounds. They can refer you to a specialist when necessary.

Will my child require treatment?

If your child is ill, shows signs of growth or developmental delays, or has a chronic disease, Dr. Griffieth and his team might recommend specific treatments. Examples include medications, inhaler, lifestyle changes, allergy shots, and more. They also offer vaccinations to reduce your child’s chance of becoming ill in the future.

How often should I schedule a well-child exam?

Schedule well-child exams for your children every year, beginning at three years of age and more often in babies and younger children. Make an appointment with Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, if your child experiences problems at school, new or unusual symptoms, slowed growth, developmental issues, or you have concerns about their health.

The team at Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, offers virtual telehealth appointments as needed for added convenience. Help your child thrive by scheduling an annual exam over the phone, or book online today.