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To help your newborn baby thrive, proper newborn care is important. At Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, in Clarksville, Tennessee, pediatrician Gary Griffieth, MD, and his team care for your new baby right after delivery until they reach two months of age and beyond. They are highly trained in newborn care to optimize your baby’s growth, development, and overall health. Schedule a newborn consultation with Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, by phone, or book online today.

Newborn Care Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care at Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, includes evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment as needed for your baby right after delivery throughout the first few months of life. Receiving quality newborn care gives your new addition the best chance of staying healthy. It allows Dr. Griffieth and his team to encourage optimal growth and development. 

What should I expect during a newborn consultation?

During a newborn consultation at Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, Dr. Griffieth and his team consult with you about what to expect before, during, and after delivering your baby. They answer questions about you or your baby’s health and make you feel right at home.

What happens during my baby’s first newborn care visit?

Dr. Griffieth can evaluate your newborn right after birth, while you’re still in the hospital. During the first visit, he completes a routine newborn evaluation called an Apgar test, used to determine if your baby requires immediate medical care. He checks your baby’s:

  • Weight
  • Length
  • Head circumference
  • Breathing rate
  • Skin coloration
  • Hearing

Dr. Griffieth can also administer a hepatitis B vaccine. He evaluates your baby for congenital heart disease or other issues and will get them prompt treatment if necessary.

What should I expect during subsequent newborn visits?

During subsequent newborn appointments at Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, friendly staff members greet you. They measure your baby’s head circumference, length, weight, pulse, and other vital signs. Dr. Griffieth completes a physical examination and asks questions about your baby’s sleep and eating habits, bowel movements, and developmental milestones.

He offers additional vaccinations based on your baby’s specific age. If the Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, team suspects a medical problem, they might recommend diagnostic screening tests or refer you to a specialist as needed.

How often should I schedule newborn care appointments?

Dr. Griffieth generally sees your newborn right after birth, within a few days of leaving the hospital, and at one month and two months of age. He might recommend more frequent visits if you have concerns, your baby has a health problem, or your newborn experiences new or unusual symptoms.

Give your new baby the best chance of maintaining good health and optimal growth and development. Schedule a newborn care appointment with Cornerstone Pediatrics, PLLC, by phone, or book online today.